Stage 4 - The Intersection

Hit the orange up-down switch, get the gauntletz and kill the enemy grunt. Smash the giant cake and hit the green toggle switch. Now pass the corridor to the opposite side and kill the two enemy gruntz. Smash the cakez for some zap cola. Smash the bricks and go upstairs, you lose your gauntletz and have to beat the two enemy sponge gruntz barehanded. Cross the bridge, get the spring and follow the path to the megaphone.

Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection megaphone
Hit the blue and black switchez and jump back over the bridge into the center of the spikes. Proceed to the blue warp and you are back at the intersection. Now you have to follow the same path for the second time.

The blue warp has gone so you can trigger the red warp.

Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection red warp 1 Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection red warp 2

Enter the red warp, as soon as you arrive move, otherwise you'll be hit by an enemy gun hat grunt. Hit the red toggle switch, this lowers the pyramids near the warp letter. You need the secret ? switch to get to the warp letter.

Walk back to the intersection and hit the orange and green switchez at the right of the intersection. Your other grunt is released now and gets the shovel from the resourcez. The shovel grunt closes a hole, goes upstairs and gets the coin between the two stairs. Both gruntz proceed to the checkpoint. The spring grunt steps on the green hold switch while the shovel grunt gets the freeze spell. Walk nearby the three sword gruntz, use the spell and kill the frozen gruntz. Kill the two straw gruntz and wait next to the timer switch. The spring grunt walks towards the black pyramid maze and loses the spring. The shovel grunt steps on the timer switch and your barehanded grunt enters the maze, gets the gauntletz and leaves the maze at the cakez side.
Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection maze 2 in Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection maze 2 out

Enter the maze / Leave the maze - The gauntletz grunt first smashes the cakez and then reenters the maze

After he has smashed the cakez the shovel gruntz hits the timer switch again. Now walk back into the maze to timer switch side!

Smash the cake in the lower right corner revealing the secret ? switch.

Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection secret switch 1
Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection secret switch 2
Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection secret switch 3

You must have gone through the red warp, otherwise the red pyramids are still up. Hit the secret ? switch, walk towards the coin and into the green warp. On the island wait until a moving bridge appears, cross it to the next green warp. Avoid the blue warp and cross the bridge to the warp letter and the coin, enter the green warp.

The shovel grunt hits the timer switch again, walks through the maze, hits the green toggle switch and enters the green warp. Now both gruntz go to the left at the intersection. Hit the orange switch. The shovel gruntz closes a hole and gets a sponge gun. Shoot away the two enemy clubz gruntz and the gauntletz grunt kills the first enemy straw grunt. Lure the second one under the rolling balls. Both your gruntz pass the rolling balls, the sponge grunt goes downstairs and kills the enemy gruntz.
Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection sponge kill 1 Gruntz - High On Sweetz: The intersection sponge kill 2

First kill the gun hat grunt and then the sponge grunt.

Now both proceed to the checkpoint. The sponge grunt stands near the blue hold switch and shoots an enemy sponge grunt.

Walk back and put the gauntletz grunt on the blue hold switch. Walk to the next island and kill the other sponge grunt. Your sponge grunt now walks back and trades places with the gauntletz grunt. He walks over the islands towards the moving bridges and hits the black one switch. Smash the four timebombed cakez around the green toggle switch, hit this switch, get the warpstone piece and enter the green warp. From the intersection hit the last orange switch, proceed to the fortress and take the warpstone piece to the king.

Stage 3 - You Take The High Road And I'll Take The Low