Stage 1 - Just Wing It

Get the megaphone and with the gauntletz smash the cakez. Step on the green hold switch and as soon as the ball starts rolling proceed with both gruntz to the black pyramid which is lowered by the ball. Put a grunt on the green hold switch, the other one steps on the arrow which leads to the red hold switch. You have to press this switch before the ball reaches the red pyramid. The ball lowers the black pyramids and your grunt steps off the green hold switch onto the four arrows. Smash all cakez, you'll find a shovel, get the megaphone and you'll have a goober straw. Proceed to the checkpoint. Open the hole just after the checkpoint. You'll find zap cola, don't take it you may need it later. The straw grunt waits on the green hold switch while the shovel grunt kills the four sponge gruntz.

Now the shovel gruntz hits a green hold switch so the straw gruntz can suck up all four puddlez. Some zap cola is hidden in the hole near the black one switch. The shovel grunt proceeds to the area with the three rolling balls. Hit the green hold switch to get rid of the first ball. Then dig some holes to get rid of the other two balls. Walk back to the green hold switch to lower the pyramid giving access to the checkpoint area. The straw grunt gets the gauntletz, smashes the bricks and kills the enemy brick layer. Now walk back to the checkpoint area, smash the timebombed cake and hit the blue toggle switch. A bridge appears giving access to the secret ? switch.

Gruntz - High On Sweetz: Just Wing It secret switch 1 Gruntz - High On Sweetz: Just Wing It secret switch 2

Watch carefully to the pattern of the moving bridge. Save your game before and after you have crossed. Pressing the secret ? switch gives you access to some coins for a short period.

Now walk back to the creation pad and smash all the four cakez.

Put the shovel grunt on the creation pad, close some holes and trigger the red warp.

Gruntz - High On Sweetz: Just Wing It red warp

The gauntletz grunt enters the red warp and collects four coinz.

Place a new grunt on the creation pad and all gruntz proceed to the area with the purple switches. The barehanded grunt gets the wingz and flies to the blue hold switch. From there he can kill the enemy sword gruntz. Step on the blue hold switch and your other gruntz proceed to the island after closing the holes. Now the wingz grunt flies to the blue toggle switch so the other gruntz can cross the next bridge. Kill the enemy sponge grunt. The gauntletz grunt smashes the cake and hits the black one switch. On the right of the switch there is a coin. Enter the maze and smash the three cakez.

Step on the lower green hold switch and one of the other gruntz enters the big maze. As soon as he passes the two-way arrow the gauntletz grunt steps on the upper green hold switch. The grunt hits the green toggle switch and leaves the maze. Now the other grunt can easily pass the maze. The wingz grunt gets the club. Kill the enemy straw grunt and proceed to the checkpoint. Pass the balls and lure the two enemy boxing gruntz under the rolling balls. Hit the blue toggle switch to rise a bridge to the next area. One of your grunt now goes for the secret ? switch.

The club grunt now crosses the right bridge, leave the warp letter for now, and picks up the conversion powerup. First convert the enemy gauntletz grunt then at least one of barehanded enemy gruntz. Run towards the enemy toob grunt and convert him too. You need him to get the warp letter. While he's running have one of your gruntz hit the green toggle switch to kill the enemy rock gruntz. Smash all cakez with your new gauntletz grunt and you'll find some zap cola and a coin. Hit the black one switch and have the shovel grunt open the hole in the middle to get another coin. Both gauntletz and shovel grunt now kill the enemy boxing gruntz.

Get the warp letter with your toob grunt and get the warpstone piece with the barehanded grunt. Put the toob grunt and the shovel grunt on the purple switches. Enter the castle area with the warpstone grunt and the gauntletz grunt. Smash a brown brick and give the warpstone piece to the king.

Stage 2 - Candlez and Cupcakes and Bombz, Oh My!