Stage 4 - Guardz! There's A Thief On The Premisez!

With one of your gruntz walk over the black one switch and get the boxing glovez. Knock back the four enemy gruntz either into the fire or into a hole. You may walk back to get some zap cola. Finally wait near the black pyramid. Put both other gruntz onto the purple switches, this rises the blue pyramids and smashes the coconuts. One grunt goes downstairs, gets the megaphone and hits the black one switch. The other walks back to the very beginning, gets the gauntletz and smashes the hidden rock.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Thief On The Premisez hidden rock
This reveals a blue switch you need to get to the secret ? switch.
Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Thief On The Premisez red warp

After entering the red warp hit the secret switch. You get you a moving bridge towards the warp letter.

Hit this blue switch and walk downstairs too. One of your gruntz kills the enemy boomerang grunt by stepping on the black one switch next to him. Put the gauntletz grunt in front of the silver pyramids and have one of the other press the timer switch. Beware of bird poop. Half-way step to the left and have the timer switch hit for the second time. After passing the pyramids go upstairs to the platform, smash some rocks for zap cola, beware of timebombs and smash one of the red bricks. You lose your gauntletz, hit the green toggle switch.

Now the other gruntz cross the platform and together go to the next area. The megaphone will give you a bomb. Give it to one of your barehanded gruntz and blow up the rocks near the checkpoint. The other gruntz hit the checkpoint. When the coconut is rolling away from you smash brick 1.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Thief On The Premisez bricks
Beware, the next rock is timebombed. Smash all the rocks so the barehanded grunt can enter the island with the secret ? switch. Don't step on it yet. The gauntletz grunt smashes the next rock and gets the megaphone. Give the magnifying glass to the box grunt. Proceed to bricks 2, 3 and 4. Kill the enemy straw grunt, pick up the straw and suck up the puddle. Walk back towards the island. First the spy grunt enters the island and kills the enemy straw grunt. Now your straw grunt crosses the bridge and sucks up the two puddlez. Hit the blue switch and together proceed to the checkpoint. One by one enter the green warp.

First the straw grunt attacks the tool thief, defeat the thief and you got your straw back to suck up the puddle. Put one of your gruntz on the green hold switch, the other one presses the green toggle switch. Together enter the area with the black one switch, then press it. Watch out for bird poop. Put your new grunt on the creation pad and proceed to the next area. Give the gauntletz to the barehanded grunt and smash the giant volcano. Get the zap cola and have the straw grunt get the coin and wait between the spikes.

Walk back with the gauntletz grunt, smash the right brick and kill the straw grunt. Smash the rocks, but don't pick up the warpstone piece. Smash the left brick in the next row, kill another grunt and hit the next bricks row. The bricks explodes killing the three sword gruntz and yourself. The spy grunt gets the kart and gives it to the enemy sword grunt. Now walk under the palm trees to a hidden warp.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Thief On The Premisez warp

Through the hidden warp you have access to the red warp trigger.

The straw grunt can now pick up the warpstone piece and take it to the fortress.

Stage 3 - Now Who Put That Warpstone Piece There?!