Stage 3 - Now Who Put That Warpstone Piece There?!

Get the megaphone and you have gauntletz. Get the coin south of the island and smash the two rocks. Leave the island to the north and put the barehanded grunt on the red hold switch. Pass the red pyramids with the gauntletz grunt. Step off the red switch so the gauntletz grunt can pass the single red pyramid, get the megaphone and smash the rock near the pool. Hit the green switch to lower the pyramids, kill the enemy grunt and smash the rocks so the other grunt can continue. Give him the club from your resourcez. Kill the two enemy gruntz and smash the rocks. You'll find a green switch to lower the pyramids. Together kill the enemy club grunt. (You could also kill the enemy club grunt by lowering the pyramids and lure him onto that spot).

Hit the black one switch and proceed to the checkpoint. Cross the island and kill the enemy gruntz. There is some zap cola under one of the rocks. The club grunt gets the shield. The gauntletz grunt smashes the rock, goes upstairs and gets a hidden coin.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Now Who Put That Warpstone Piece There hidden coin
Proceed and press both black one switches and together kill the three enemy gruntz. The gauntlet grunt smashes the rock behind the single palm tree, this reveals the secret ? switch, and walks back to the three arrows. Now the shield grunt triggers the secret ? switch.
Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Now Who Put That Warpstone Piece There secret switch

Activating the secret ? switch will turn around the arrow switch. Enter with the gauntletz grunt Pick up the toob, get the warp letter, swim to the left and you got gauntletz again. Smash the timebombed rock.

Both gruntz now proceed to the next checkpoint.

Pass the enemy bootz grunt, don't bother killing him, take the zap cola and proceed to the rolling coconuts. With the gauntletz grunt pass the coconuts but don't pick up the warpstone piece yet. First kill the two enemy gruntz, walk back a little and trigger the red warp.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Now Who Put That Warpstone Piece There red warp

Position the shield grunt in front of the bottom left arrow and the gauntletz grunt in front of the top right arrow. As the gap between the coconuts passes the gauntletz grunt steps on the arrow. The red warp appears and the gauntletz grunt steps on the next arrow. Let him wait at a safe spot. After the gap passes the shield grunt can enter the red warp. Get all six coins and before returning through the red warp make sure there are no coconuts on the return spot. You did save your game before triggering the warp?!

Now the shield grunt gets the warpstone piece. The gauntletz grunt crosses the bridge, smashes the bricks and kills the enemy brick grunt. The only rock you have to smash is in the lower left corner near the castle, a coin is hidden there. When you got the coin put the gauntletz grunt on the red hold switch. Now step on the timer switch with the warpstone grunt and you can enter the castle at the left hand side.

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