Stage 2 - La La La La La Bomba

Get the kart and give it to the enemy club grunt, walk on to the megaphone and get gauntletz. Smash the giant volcano and kill the enemy shield grunt. Take the zap cola, smash the rock and enter the area with the three arrows. Smash all the rocks and step on the green hold switch and wait there. The other grunt hits the red switch to lower the pyramids, get the goober straw in the secret ? switch area but don't go to the secret ? switch yet instead suck up all puddlez.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: La Bomba secret switch 1 Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: La Bomba secret switch 2

If you hit the secret ? switch then after a while the arrow where your shovel grunt is waiting turns around. This will give you access to the coin for a short period.

Walk on and step on the green hold switch. Put your new grunt on the creation pad, push the black one switch, get the megaphone and you receive a shovel. Close the hole in front of the arrows and wait. The straw grunt now walks back to the secret ? switch area and crosses the bridge to the secret ? switch. Keep on walking because the bridge falls down. After hitting the secret ? switch walk to the area where the gauntletz grunt is waiting. The shovel grunt closes a hole of that area to release both gruntz. If you need zap cola, there is a can hidden in the hole near the creation pad and a bottle near the palm trees. Proceed to the checkpoint.

Open the hole with the shovel grunt and get the coin. Get the spinning sickle and you can kill the three shield gruntz with a single touch. Proceed and you'll find another coin in the hole near the stairs. All three gruntz go downstairs, you don't need the puddlez, the gauntletz grunt smashes all rocks, beware of timebombs, and you'll find the toob tool. Give the toob to the straw grunt and the bottle of zap cola to the shovel grunt. The toob grunt enters the water to get a coin. Watch out for bird poop from now on. The toob grunt now swims to the island below, hits the black one switch and steps on the blue hold switch. Both other gruntz can now cross the water towards the maze. Close the holes and step on the left green hold switch with the shovel grunt. With the gauntletz gruntz step on the arrow. As soon as he passes the two-way arrow step on the right green hold switch. Smash a timebombed rock and step on the green hold switch. The enemy straw grunt attacks you, but he's easily killed with both your gruntz. Now the shovel grunt opens the hole, gets zap cola and picks up the bomb. Proceed to the checkpoint.

Position the bomb grunt opposite the green hold switch and put the bomb on this switch. Step on the green switch with the gauntletz grunt so the toob grunt can continue and together kill the two boxing gruntz and the straw grunt. Smash all the rocks at the left but don't pick up the warpstone piece yet. Instead cross the pool with your toob grunt and hit the blue toggle switch. Now the gauntletz grunt can walk across and wait near the fortress. The toob grunt enters the pool and triggers the red warp.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: La Bomba red warp 1 Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: La Bomba red warp 2 Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: La Bomba red warp 3

At the end of the level the toob grunt swims on the trigger spot and the gauntletz grunt enters the red warp. Get the toob grunt out of there or he will be killed by bird poop. The gauntletz grunt first takes the warp letter (white line), through the green warp (yellow line) and gets a coin.

Now get the warpstone piece with the toob grunt and pick up the bomb with the gauntletz grunt. Put the bomb on one of the gold bricks and take the warpstone to the castle.

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