Stage 1 - Toobin It

Pick up the megaphone to get gauntletz. There is a timebomb under the rock at the start so just leave it. Kill the enemy grunt and smash all the rocks in the next area, beware of timebombs. Get the megaphone and give the goober straw to your other grunt and start sucking up puddlez. Put the straw grunt on the blue hold switch so the gauntletz grunt can enter the island. Smash the rocks, get the zap cola, hit the black one switch an walk off the island. Walk straight on and step on the arrow and enter the pyramid maze which is controlled by the rolling rock at the left. Walk towards the megaphone.

Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Toobin It switches
As soon as the pyramids go down smash the rock and pick up the megaphone. Go the middle of the maze. You only need to smash one of the rocks surrounding the coins, there are spikes under all of them. Get the zap cola and the coin at the lower left hand corner and leave the maze. Press the black one switch, pass the rolling rock, smash the rock and step on the green hold switch until the rolling rock has gone. Put the gauntletz grunt on the checkpoint and suck up the two puddlez with your straw grunt. Place your new grunt on the creation pad in the maze and get him out off there, control the maze with your straw grunt. Put all gruntz on the checkpoint and give the jack-in-the-box to the barehanded grunt.

Kill the enemy shield grunt. The straw grunt sucks up the puddlez while the other gruntz go downstairs. The gauntletz grunt smashes the right rock (left one is timebombed) to get a coin, goes upstairs, smashes the rock and gets zap cola. The other grunt gives the jack-in-the-box to the enemy sword grunt, hits the hidden secret ? switch and picks up the shuffle.
Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Toobin It switches

Hit the secret ? switch behind the palm trees giving access to the coin on the island.

Toggle the blue switch, cross the bridge and go upstairs. Close one of the holes around the green hold switch and step on it. Walk the gauntletz grunt over the arrows, smash a rock and wait there. Suck up a puddle with your straw grunt before and after he crosses the arrows and get the toob. Enter the water, hit the blue switch and step on the green hold switch. Put a new grunt on the creation pad and hit the black one switch. With the toob grunt swim across, get the warpstone piece and hit the blue switch. Walk back and wait near the pool.

The gauntletz grunt now enters the bridge, takes the zap cola and smashes the rocks and picks up the coin. Kill the enemy shield grunt, smash the other rocks and go to the checkpoint. Your barehanded grunt now crosses the bridge and gets the kart which was hidden under one of the rocks. Go to the checkpoint and give the kart to the enemy sword grunt on the platform and go downstairs again. Now walk away from the pool with the warpstone grunt. Get the zap cola with the gauntlet grunt, step over the volcanoes and pick up the spinning suit of armor. Kill both sword gruntz and trigger the red warp.
Gruntz - Trouble in the Tropicz: Toobin It red warp

After entering the red warp you have access to the letter. Immediately cross the bridge as it rises.

Go upstairs and get the hidden coin under the palm trees near the fortress. There is an arrow pointing to it. Smash the center brick from the top row of the fortress. Now you can get the warpstone piece to the king.

Stage 2 - La La La La La Bomba