Stage 4 - I Want A Rock Right Now!

Go upstairs walk straight on, near the checkpoint you pick up the gauntletz and kill the gun hatz grunt. If he shoots you during the fight just step aside and you won't be hit. With the other grunt step on the timer switch, wait until part of the pyramids goes up again and go get the megaphone. Step on the other timer switch, wait for a moment and walk back through the pyramids. Get the goober straw from the resourcez and suck up the four puddlez. Put your two gruntz on the purple switches to lower the pyramids so your fresh baked grunt can leave the creation pad. Your new grunt crosses the bridge, picks up the rock and walks on. Put him in front of the red pyramid, from there he can kill both the gun hatz grunt and the sword grunt.

Gruntz - Gruntziclez: I Want A Rock Right Now kill gun hatz
Start killing the gun hatz grunt first. After killing both gruntz step on the spikes to trigger the red warp.
Gruntz - Gruntziclez: I Want A Rock Right Now kill red warp 1 Gruntz - Gruntziclez: I Want A Rock Right Now kill red warp 2

Get the coin but don't enter the red warp yet. First step on the hidden secret ? switch and then return through the red warp.

You reach the secret ? switch after entering the red warp.
Gruntz - Gruntziclez: I Want A Rock Right Now kill secret switch 1 Gruntz - Gruntziclez: I Want A Rock Right Now kill secret switch 2

Before activating the secret switch put the gauntletz grunt at the beginning of the level near the spikes. (near the ice rock if you did not smash it already) Hit the secret switch, the gauntletz grunt takes the coin, smashes the ice rock and walks back again. If you forget to smash the ice rock you won't be able to get the warp letter!

Put the gauntletz grunt and the straw grunt on the first checkpoint. Save the game!

Have the gauntletz grunt smash all the ice rocks. Beware of the timebombz hidden in some of the rocks. Both gruntz now walk over the green arrow and wait in front of the pyramids. All pyramids should be up. With your rock grunt step on the left green switch, this will lower the first two rows of the pyramids. Put the other gruntz on the center row. The rock grunt now steps off the green switch into the snow ignoring the center green switch and steps on the right green switch. This lowers the bottom row of the pyramids. Together kill the enemy straw grunt and get off the pyramids The gauntletz grunt smashes the giant ice rock. Step one pass forward, wait until the enemy gun hatz grunt shoots and step on the red hold switch. Quickly put your rock grunt on the black one switch and start smashing the rocks with the gauntletz grunt. You'll find a beach ball under one of them. Now press the blue toggle switch and go downstairs.

Cross the bridge and get the coin. As soon as you get this coin step aside otherwise you'll be hit by the gun hatz grunt! Get the jack-in-the box with the straw grunt and proceed to the checkpoint. Remember to properly position your gruntz when crossing the bridge, it's not a water pool! Now give the jack-in-the-box to the clubz grunt, wait with the straw grunt. The gauntletz grunt walks on, smashes the ice rock, gets the coin, picks up the zap cola and gives the beach ball to the sword grunt. Both your gruntz now proceed to the ice rocks. Kill the enemy gun hatz grunt and take the zap cola. Hit the red toggle switch and walk to the labyrinth. Save your game!

Put the straw grunt on the red hold switch, the gauntletz grunt enters the maze and steps on the left red switch. Now the straw grunt enters and steps on the right red switch. The gauntletz grunt can now smash the ice rock, hit the black one switch, smash some more ice rocks, get the warpstone piece, get the warp letter and wait on the purple switch. The straw grunt walks on and hits both the red and green switch. Proceed to the next red switch and get the zap cola and the magnifying glass. Step on the purple switch releasing an other gauntletz grunt. Spy on the bricks smash the proper one (the center brick on the top row). Enter the fortress with the warpstone piece.

Stage 3 - The Grunt That Was Left Behind