Stage 3 - The Grunt That Was Left Behind

Get the megaphone and you get gauntletz. Cross the bridge, get the coin and smash the three ice rocks. Kill the straw grunt and smash all the ice rocks. Now the other grunt can get the goober straw. Suck up the two puddles. With the gauntletz grunt enter the island and walk to the green toggle switch. Smash the ice rocks and put both gruntz on the checkpoint and together attack the straw grunt. You'll find a coin after you smash the ice rocks. Place your gruntz on the purple switches and get the new grunt. Put this grunt on the black one switch on the island, you don't need him anymore. Smash the giant ice rock and press the green switch, this lowers the pyramids after the checkpoint. Enter the checkpoint and kill the straw grunt.

Under one of the ice rocks you find zap cola. Step on the black one switch and together kill the straw grunt. Suck up the two puddles and put the new grunt and the straw grunt on the purple switches. With the gauntletz grunt get the spinning wheel giving you super speed for a short period. Run to the black one switch, get the beach ball, give it to the sword grunt, smash the ice rock revealing the secret ? switch, get the coinz then the zap cola, run passed the sword grunt and smash the ice rock for another coin.

Gruntz - Gruntziclez: The Grunt That Was Left Behind secret coin

After activating the switch you've only got a short period to get the coinz so hurry.

Now trigger the red warp and press the green switch. Get through the arrow maze and press the green switch to lower the pyramids.
Gruntz - Gruntziclez: The Grunt That Was Left Behind red warp

When walking to the red warp avoid the sword grunt. You will be taken to the warp letter.

Smash one of the red bricks, you loose your gauntletz. With your straw grunt get a zap cola and kill the enemy straw grunt. Get the megaphone and you get jack-in-the-box. Walk in the middle of the area towards the bomb grunt. As he starts running step aside and he will smash the ice rock with a coin. Give jack-in-the-box to the sword grunt, pick up the warpstone piece and enter the fortress.

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