Stage 2 - Brick Layerz Have All The Fun

Get the beach ball, the gauntletz and the megaphone. Leave the ice rocks, nothing there. Give the shovel to the other grunt and dig a hole to get a coin. Close some holes so you can pass by and open the left hole to get another coin. Proceed and smash all ice rocks, again a coin. Place the grunt with the beach ball on the second stairs and the other grunt just behind him. Give the beach ball to the sword grunt, don't try to fight him just walk on with both your gruntz. Smash the ice rock to get a can of zap cola. Smash a brick and kill the brick layer. Again zap cola. Step on the first checkpoint and kill another grunt. Before you take the zap cola kill the shield grunt to get maximum life.

Close the hole and put the shovel grunt on the green hold switch. Smash all the ice rocks and get the zap cola. After crossing the arrow the rip stone gives you invisibility for a while. Just walk on get the coin and step on the black one switch. There's no need to fight. Smash the three ice rocks, don't get the brick layer tool yet but smash the ice rocks in front of you. Step on the secret ? switch to get a coin and now get the brick layer tool.

Gruntz - Gruntziclez: Brick Layerz Have All The Fun secret coin

After activating the switch you've only got a short period to get the coin so hurry.

Lay some bricks to get rid of the snow balls.
Gruntz - Gruntziclez: Brick Layerz Have All The Fun lay bricks
Now the shovel grunt will get gauntletz and smash the bricks again.

Put the gauntletz grunt on the blue toggle switch so the brick layer grunt can get the warpstone piece and press the other blue switch. Cross the bridge with the gauntletz grunt, give him the jack-in-the-box and the zap cola. Go to the checkpoint. Smash a brick, kill the brick layer grunt and smash a brick from the second brick row. Give the jack-in-the-box to the clubz grunt so you can safely pass him. Get the coin and hit the blue toggle switch to get a partial bridge to the fortress. Smash a brick and walk around the fortress to trigger the red warp.

Gruntz - Gruntziclez: Brick Layerz Have All The Fun red warp

The red warp will take you to the warp letter.

Now get the warpstone piece to the king.

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