Stage 1 - Spyz Like Us

Take the gauntletz, smash all the ice rocks and get a coin. The arrow points to the red warp trigger.

Gruntz - Gruntziclez: Spyz Like Us red warp
Step on the arrow where the grunt is waiting so you don't have to fight him, walk on. When the bomb grunt is running towards you just step aside and he will kill himself. Smash all the ice rocks and take the zap cola after you have beaten the straw grunt. Step on the blue hold switch and walk with the other grunt to the island. Get to green toggle switch, watch out for the pyramids. The green switch causes the snowball to roll over the blue toggle switch. Now the gauntletz grunt can also cross the water. Trigger the red warp to get the coin. With the grunt on the island enter the red warp.

Proceed to the megaphone and get a shovel. Open the hole on your right and get zap cola, smash the ice rock to get another zap cola. Close one of the holes to get across and attack the straw grunt with both your gruntz. This will kill him much faster. Open another hole to get a coin and proceed to the checkpoint. Click and hold your left mouse button and draw a rectangle around both gruntz, this will activate them both at the same time. Together attack the gauntletz grunt. Smash the ice rock on the left to get a coin and close the hole to get to the black one switch and have the shovel grunt get the magnifying glass. Spy on the bricks so you can see which brick (right one) to smash. Kill the enemy grunt and smash the ice rock to get some more zap cola. Spy again on the next bricks and smash another one (second from the top). Kill the next grunt, smash the ice rock and again more zap cola.

When the ice rises, cross to beat the next enemy with your gauntletz grunt, smash the ice rock and walk to the secret ? switch.
Gruntz - Gruntziclez: Spyz Like Us red warp

After activating the switch you've only got a short period to get the letter so hurry.

Now with both gruntz proceed to the last island, smash the three ice rocks on your right but don't pick up the warpstone piece yet but proceed and kill the grunt. Smash all the ice rocks and quickly get the coin. Stand on the spikes as short as possible. Spy on the bricks again and smash the proper one, (bottom line left). Now get the warpstone and take it to the fortress.

Stage 2 - Brick Layerz Have All The Fun