Stage 4 - I get by with a little help from my friendz

Get the clubz, kill the enemy grunt, pickup the goober straw and suck up the four puddlez, don't forget the zap cola. Hit the green switch and step on the arrows. While the straw grunt attacks the enemy get your fresh baked grunt and place him on the arrows too. Place the straw grunt onto the green hold switch, let the other grunt step on the black one switch, get the megaphone and you receive gauntletz. Walk back a little to get a coin under the rock.

Forward again with the gauntletz grunt and smash the rock in front of the pyramids. Put your straw grunt on the left of the two green hold switches. The gauntletz grunt now enters the maze and smashes the next rock. Put the straw grunt on the other green switch and enter the blue warp with the gauntletz grunt. Pick up the warpstone piece, step on the hidden secret ? switch and enter the blue warp.

Gruntz - Rocky  Roadz: Little help from my friendz secret spot

Before entering the blue warp walk onto the secret ? switch. This will kill the sword grunt near the castle.

Press the black one switch, the straw grunt gets gauntletz and both proceed to the checkpoint.

The gauntletz grunt goes upstairs and kills the enemy grunt, smash all six rocks giving you a coin and zap cola so you can kill the next enemy. Get the megaphone, take the straw and suck up the puddlez. Put the warpstone grunt and the straw grunt on the purple switchez and have the fresh baked grunt trigger the red warp appearing on the blue switch. Pick up the toy, you only need it for a perfect game, because the sword grunt should already be killed by hitting the secret ? switch, with the straw grunt and get the megaphone.

Gruntz - Rocky  Roadz: Little help from my friendz red warp spot

Enter the red warp and you can get the warp letter. If you didn't hit the secret ? switch earlier in the level beware of the rolling rock.

Smash the bricks and the warpstone piece can be given to the king.

Stage 3 - Gruntz, Start Your Enginez!