Stage 3 - Gruntz, Start Your Enginez!

Get the gauntletz, walk to the right and step on the green hold switch, the rolling rock will kill the rockz grunt. Now smash all the rocks and walk into the area with the four holes. With the other grunt get the shovel and the coin, fill the holes to continue.

Place a grunt on the green hold switch and let the other cross the bridge and step on the blue toggle switch. Now you open the checkpoint and let the gauntletz grunt walk back to the arrow shaped rocks. After smashing the arrow point the gauntletz grunt must wait to active the red warp.

Gruntz - Rocky  Roadz: Gruntz, Start Your Enginez coin spot

Activating the red warp will give you a coin.

Now with the shovel grunt step on the black one switch, this kills the rockz grunt. Step on the spot where the arrow point was this activates the red warp, you receive a coin.

With the gauntletz grunt pass the bridge again, step on the arrows and smash the giant rock. Now the shovel grunt can get the kartz and dig a hole at the same spot revealing the secret ? switch.

Gruntz - Rocky  Roadz: Gruntz, Start Your Enginez secret switch 1 Gruntz - Rocky  Roadz: Gruntz, Start Your Enginez secret switch 2

Activating the secret ? switch will lower the pyramids giving access to the warp letter.

Activate the ? switch, the rock rolls down over the green switch and you have access to the warp letter.

Open the checkpoint, let the gauntletz grunt get the warpstone and walk until the corridor widens. The shovel grunt now gives his kartz to the enemy clubz grunt and gets the warp letter. Now you can give the warpstone piece to the king.

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